Communication Builds Our Community


Communication Builds Our Community

In order to preserve the community spirit and identity that makes Lake Wales a special place to live, we at LakeWalesNews.Net believe it is critically important to share information and build civic consensus on the important challenges that arise from time to time. Being informed allows our readers to participate in that process by offering FREE access to local news.

At LakeWalesNews.Net our goal is to be a reliable source for local news, sports, and human interest stories, promote community spirit, and serve as a watchdog for the public interest. Our online format allows for a large volume of stories, photos and videos.

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Special thanks go to area business leaders who Sponsor our Stories and advertise their goods and services on these pages. Please support them. They are the folks who underwrite the costs so we can provide a free, high quality local news source for the greater Lake Wales area.


LakeWalesNews.Net is committed to being accurate and will respond in a timely fashion to any claim that its publication presents an inaccurate fact or invades a right of privacy. If a reader or subject of a story believes that some statement is inaccurate or otherwise actionable, that person can request a correction by sending a request to the editor at [email protected]. Within a reasonable time, our editorial team will carefully review any potential inaccuracy and decide whether an article needs to be corrected or modified in some other way. The news organization’s management has developed relationships with experienced media counsel, who are available for consultation on an immediate and as needed basis.

In the event of a minor factual error, the story will be amended, and the change will be noted at the bottom. Significant corrections will be noted in the headline or at the top of the story. If new details or clarifications are added to a story after its publication, our practice is to include a note describing the update at the end of the piece.

LakeWalesNews.Net is also committed to protecting its intellectual property and respects that interest when it receives a demand to remove content based on intellectual property rights of others. When necessary, these requests are referred to experienced media counsel for evaluation and consultation. When necessary, removal of content or other remedies may be suggested. In any event, the requester will receive a response in a timely fashion.


LakeWalesNews.Net believes that reporters and editors should have the freedom to hold the powerful accountable. LakeWalesNews.Net utilizes the services of Lawyers for Reporters, a pro bono project that provides pre-publication review.

When an article involves sensitive subject matter, LakeWalesNews.Net refers the matter out to that law firm which has significant media law experience. Any article that the editors consider sensitive will be referred to that organization for review.