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"Last Forest in Orlando" Bulldozed Despite Court Ruling

Swaths of wetlands and waterways in Florida left unprotected when the Trump administration weakened federal standards in early 2020 are being developed in Florida - despite a... — Updated 10/18/2021

The lights of Florida from space

Climate Change Action Proposed in Legislature

A group of Democratic lawmakers unveiled an energy-efficiency plan this week that would reward farmers for conserving energy, assess energy efficiency in state-funded buildings,... — Updated 10/17/2021


Attracting Wildlife to Our Yards is Easy and Fun

Attracting wildlife to our yards by planning and planting for their needs is simple and satisfying. If we supply adequate food, water and shelter, we can increase the number and var... — Updated 10/17/2021


Rodman Opponents Ready to Gamble Again that Florida Will Finally Free the Ocklawaha

Do you play the lottery? I've been known to purchase a ticket or two when the payoff gets enough zeroes. The fact that I am still writing for a living should tell you how good I am... — Updated 10/13/2021


Fish and Wildlife Commission Offers Live MarineQuest 2021

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Service is inviting you to join them on Thursday, October 14 for their virtual MarineQuest 2021 event. This is a live on-line event that will include... — Updated 10/12/2021


Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Festival Happens November 13

Outdoor lovers are invited to attend the 35th Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Festival scheduled for November 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Highlands Hammock State Park. Festival... — Updated 10/10/2021

an aerial view of the huge gypsum stack

Piney Point Waste Injection Plan Raises Questions

The plan proposed by Manatee County to treat the estimated 270 million gallons of polluted wastewater from the Piney Point gypsum stack ponds and inject it deep underground has... — Updated 10/2/2021


"Lights Out" Project Aims to Spare Migratory Birds

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Each fall, millions of migratory birds fly over Florida under the cover of night, hightailing it south for the winter. Many never reach their destination.... — Updated 9/25/2021


Lakes Education Action Drive Works to Protect Area Water Resources

The Lakes Education Action Drive (LEAD) Board of Directors recently met to select leadership for the upcoming year and consider adoption of their 2021-2022 Fiscal Year Budget.... — Updated 9/22/2021

a gopher tortoise peers from its burrow

FWC Seeks Landowners to Help with Gopher Tortoise Conservation

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is seeking landowners to help with gopher tortoise conservation efforts as part of the agency's Gopher Tortoise... — Updated 9/22/2021

Adult Butterfly perching on plant

Endangered Florida Butterfly Comes Back From the Brink of Extinction

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- For the past nine years, volunteers working with the Florida Museum of Natural Historyand the Florida Park Service have trekked diligently through forest... — Updated 9/22/2021


Pulte Homes Crushed Gopher Tortoises for New Houses

Say what you will about Florida (and many of you have), but we’ve sure got some unusual crimes here. A surprising number of them involve reptiles. You have probably heard about... — Updated 9/18/2021


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