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By Bob Stephens
Contributing Writer 

He Says: "Just Love Me"


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Diane and Bob Stephens

As you read this, you may see yourself. Parts of the story might remind you of someone that you know. Maybe you've heard similar stories. The number of stories are as limited as there are people, 'cause everyone has their own. No two are exactly alike but the conclusions are the same.

How about the hookers, the junkies, the drug dealers, the homeless because they want to be, etc.? The so-called "dregs of society." I've even heard them called "pimples on the ass of humanity." If they could just make that one big score, to turn their lives around. They say, " damn, I just can't catch a break."

And He just says, "love me."

How about the kids today? He ones who just don't fit in, the ones who don't look like models, the ones who can't excel in sports, maybe they're not smart as their parents think that they should be. Maybe they're too fat, too skinny, the wrong color, they don't dress and act cool enough. Endless circumstances, endless questions . . . they all have something to offer, only if. They say, "if only things were different, I just need a break."

And He just says, "love me."

How about the single parents? With all they go through, surely they need help. The ones who try to do the best that they know to do. They work, sometimes, more than one job to make ends meet. They live with the reality that there's more month left at the end of the money instead of vice-versa. All of those things plus possibly finding someone for yourself to spend your life with. It all mounts up, and rightly so. They say, "I deserve better for myself and my kids; I need a break."

And He just says, "love me."

How about the elderly? They have scratched and saved, raised their kids the best they could, even did without for the good of the family. They worked all their lives, put away a little nest egg when they could, for retirement. No only to see that it's either gone or not worth anything 'cause of the economic times we're in. Some have the choice of do I buy the medicine or do we want to eat. Oh, the golden years . . . not exactly what they had in mind. Surely they deserve a break today.

And He just says, "love me."

Well how about the Christian business person? They have a family, go to church, they even try to raise their kids up in the way the Bible says. They give breaks to people who maybe could use a break. They choose to do right instead of what's easier of more profitable. They even pay their tithes and more. But yet . . . they see their competitors, who aren't believers, do better than them. Day after day things don't seem to change. They hear about seed faith giving on TV, but there isn't a lot left over for such a sacrifice. They say, "Lord, I need a break, some kind of miracle."

And He just says, "love me."

The believer who needs a healing, what about them? They've been a Christian for years, lived right, done seemingly everything right Bibically speaking. They pray, quote scriptures, even try to minister to others. Still, no breakthrough, but they're believing. Maybe they're terminal and running out of time. Desperate, they need a break, some kind of miracle."

And He just says, "love me."

What about the head pastor of the local church? He has the normal everyday things to deal with – his own family, work, bills, etc. But . . . then he has to listen and try to minister to brother and sister so and so. He occasionally will get things right but the reality is that you're always wrong in someone's eyes. He preaches the gospel, he hears from God, he and his family are involved in everything, to the point of being overly so. The congregation is dwindling, the tithes are way down, there's even a threat of losing the church. Even as God fearing and believing as he is: "Dear Lord, please we need a break."

And He just says, "love me."

Even Jesus in the garden. "If it's your will, take this cup." The human part of Jesus has risen up to him. God, yes, but also man. With knowing what was ahead for him, Jesus may have been thinking that this wasn't such a good idea after all. He knew of the ridicule, the beating, the nails and the cross, the spear in his side and yes, even feeling as if the Father had forgotten him. To paraphrase, "take this cup . . . please Father, don't I deserve a break?"

And He just says, "love me."

Finally, what about God, The Father? He created – Creation. He spoke and it was. He knows the beginning from the end. He was and is and always shall be. He's the Lord of lords, King of kings, Alpha and the Omega. He knew each of us before we were. He loved us, He chooses us, He leads us and guides us. All of this and so much more.

Imagine this . . . He has the unenviable task at our own judgement time to say either, "well done, good and faithful servant, or depart from me, I never knew you."

He had to sit by and watch Jesus go through all that he did, for us, and now He has to sit by and watch us go through what we put ourselves through. He tries to lead and guide. He pulls instead of pushes. He hurts when we hurt. He rejoices when we rejoice. We are His and He desires to be ours. And yet, He still hears, "not yet, maybe later."

Talk about someone needing a break today. If anyone ever had reason enough to say "I need a break," He does.

And He just says, "love me."


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