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By Chevon T. Baccus APR
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Vice Mayor Proposes Renaming First Street

America Avenue Recognizes Diversity


Last updated 3/22/2019 at 1:38pm

Vice Mayor Robin Gibson floated an idea at the March 19 Lake Wales City Commission meeting he admits some people might find "nutty."

Gibson proposed renaming First Street, the major North-South road through the City. He wants to call it "America Avenue."

"It shows the diversity of our community and the diversity of our City as well," Gibson said.

Gibson noted First Street is a long road that connects many neighborhoods.

Commissioner Terrye Howell reminded him that the NAACP was shot down a few years ago when they wanted to name a major city road after former President Obama.

Gibson said A...

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Reader Comments(2)

vote2020 writes:

Barack Obama served 2 terms as President of the United States and is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Rush Limbaugh is a radio talk show host who makes a living off from divisive rhetoric. It was only a matter of hours before ESPN canned him from being a Monday Night Football commentator due to his inability to control his acid tongue. Equating the 2 in respect to considering the renaming of streets is nonsensical.

3311author writes:

In Lake Wales, avenues run east-west, and streets run north-south, so it should never be “America Avenue.” Why not add a name to 60 instead? Every other town along the way gave it a local name.


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