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High School Restricts Students to Classrooms as Safety Precaution

In an abundance of caution Thursday morning Lake Wales High School restricted students to their classrooms after hearing of a lockdown at the Davenport School of the Arts.

"Everything on campus for us is fine. Kids are safe. They're in their classrooms," said counselor Kaleigh McCoy.

She said the school was not put on lockdown, but students were required to be escorted if they needed to leave their classrooms.

A precautionary decision was made by the school resource officer to secure the school, and a call out was made to parents.

The Davenport School of the Arts was put on lockdown after someone reported seeing a suspicious person near the school reportedly carrying a gun. Sheriff's deputies searched the area and the lockdown was lifted after they found two men who were reportedly shooting BB guns at targets on nearby property.


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