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Death Rate Increasing with Fake Pill Epidemic

Nowadays, the drug world is far more dangerous. Addicts now have to be cautious about buying fake pills that look exactly like the ones you get at your local pharmacy. They might think they are buying a Xanax, Oxycodone, or maybe an Adderall even. But in reality, they are buying something that is deadly.

Dealers are mixing concoctions and pressing them with a little machine to make something that they think will be way more addicting and less costly. They are putting fentanyl in them which in reality is more addictive and cheap, but also deadly!! Just taking, snorting, or even IVing one pill is killing people.

Before addicts had to worry about getting fake drugs that didn't get you high. Now they have to worry about getting fake drugs that kill you. The death rates for today's drugs is massive compared to years ago.

Anyone struggling with addiction needs to get help fast to avoid this tragic situation.

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