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Kathryn's Christian Books is a Family Affair for All Ages

Mission Statement: Lake Wales Care Center is a faith-based community service organization which demonstrates Christ's love by building bridges between people in need and people with a desire to serve.

When you read and comprehend the Care Center's directive Kathryn's Christian Books makes total sense.

It's about providing "the local dad who brings his daughter in to get ice cream, and help her with her homework," says store co-manager Lauren Wilkinson.

"Or the businesswoman," she continues, "to use as a meeting place to collaborate face-to-face."

Ice cream, coffees, organic teas, gifts, books, seasonal or specialty items, Christ-centered, family friendly, meeting venue, sharing, community, music, conversation-all the above-and more.

Again, Lauren is best able to put emotions and devotion into words.

"This is a place to fellowship together," states Lauren. "There's something for everyone."

Less than two years ago the Care Center administration who owns the Christian shop saw an opportunity to relocate Kathyrn's to the former Toy World storefront at 205 E. Park Ave., which had been the home of the youth coffee house for more than five years.

The building, also owned by the Care Center, was in a rough state and in need of TLC as would be expected with tons of teens taking command of the facility every Friday night.

Although close to the same size as its prior location across the street the professional renovation, high ceilings and second floor loft in the back allowed the shopper to take in the displays, shelves and tables of remarkable and diverse inventory than it did before.

Enjoying the Café offerings-cold or hot-the specialty items and special events including 4th Friday Live @ Kathryn's from 6-8 p.m. featuring music presented by local pastors and youth groups.

The Café features Origins Coffee Roastery custom beans and blends sourced locally, teas from all over the world, latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, frappes and milk shakes to satisfy your caffeine or ice cream cravings. Kathryn's even has Affogato: a scoop of vanilla with a shot of expresso.

Lauren points out that "we offer Christian books, Bibles, gifts, home décor and children's items including apparel" as featured selections in the store.

Seasonal displays and clever decorations including a large decorated Christmas tree that greets guests at the front door-make it a one stop shop for not only checking off names on your gift list, but also a place to find stocking stuffers and unique keepsakes.

Kathryn's Christian Books is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

205 E. Park Ave. in historic downtown Lake Wales

Be sure to stop in next time you are in town.

One scoop or two?


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