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As Family Gathers, Watch for Drug or Alcohol Problems

As the holidays approach, keep in mind you will be spending time around family and friends that you might not typically see all year round.

Some families will have an amazing time and make tons of new memories. Yet some families will become newly aware that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, while other families are preparing for yet another holiday that might be ruined by one already in the family.

You should be familiar with the signs that your loved could be struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

An addict or alcoholic will tell you anything to convince you that they are doing good. Be mindful of the things that will actually tell you if they are doing well or not.

If you notice that things aren't right you need to be prepared to confront them and get them into a treatment program. This way you are giving them the gift of a new life, what better gift?

For more information on how to confront your loved one, go to If you are in need of a referral to a treatment center, call us at 877-841-5509.


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