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20 Years in Lake Wales - Yesterday's Treasures a Joy to Behold

Yesterday's Treasures owners Betty and William (Bill) Schermerhorn have collected for over 50 years mostly in New York state, and many of those finds are displayed and for sale at their shop in a house located at 125 W. Park Ave. a few blocks west of the Lake Wales Post Office.

For any of you who know the place, but haven't stopped to look, you are in for a visual and virtual walk down memory lane.

"We have an eclectic assortment of treasures from yesterday's past," says Betty to describe not only their collection, but also the derivation of the business's name.

"We went to auctions, flea markets," reminisces Betty. "Anywhere there was stuff laying out we would be there."

Listing exactly what the inventory consists of would even on the internet take far too long to keep your attention, but by visiting Yesterday's Treasures one is able to peruse the aisles and take in those items that catch your fancy.

"This is the perfect way to display my treasures," boasts Betty. "The kitchen collectibles are my favorite thing, and tins."

Although the place is nestled in a residential neighborhood it certainly stands out with its unique tudor

style and unusual shape with the entrance squared off and a mannequin decked out in period attire

welcoming visitors and guests at the front door.

Outside it looks like an illustration from a nineteenth century fairy tale, and inside like a vision of so many antique and collectible shops stocked from floor to ceiling, with "stuff," as Betty so aptly stated.

Even though it's borderline downtown she is quick to give those who are interested a flyer that lists all

the area antique shops.

Betty suggests parking on Stuart Avenue, using her flyer as a map, and visiting the variety of shops and stores that are best found walking. If one is walking to Yesterday's Treasures simply continue a block west of the Care Center Thrift Store to their wonderful wonderland. An OPEN sign hanging from the picket fence tells you the Schermerhorns are in.

It's not a coincidence that you feel the presence of Betty and Bill there not only because it mirrors their life together, traveling, having fun on weekends or vacations picking up those treasures, now numbering in the thousands, one at a time.

In New York where they spend seven months of the year they live in an A-frame home surrounded by Alice in Wonderland character statues lovingly constructed by Bill as yard ornaments in concrete so they will last forever.

Which is what one senses when entering their most unusual shop: That you are in a real life fairy tale with stories that each and every item, if they were alive, could tell.

Yesterday's Treasures

125 W. Park Ave., Lake Wales, FL

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday - November-March


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