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Being Spiritual

How has the Holy Spirit been prompting you to seek God? What are some things you can do this week to grow closer to Him?

This was an interesting question from Our Daily Bread Bible daily devotional recently because I have been on a more spiritual path since 2017 than a religious path. I have been seeking my truth; Why am I here? What promise did I make to be born into my mother's womb? What is my soul's purpose?

I have come to believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than the other way around.

So, it has come into my awareness over the last year how God is in me: that's what we are taught, right? You ask Jesus (God) to come into your heart and you are "saved" and from that moment on, when you die, you go to heaven.

But that belief for me has never been able to be embodied because God is this mystical thing we have to have faith to believe in but He is everywhere at once and in this place called heaven where we all yearn to be.

I don't care what religion you are; I believe we all are hoping to head to a place better than this when we die or why even bother? Don't we all want to be in a place where there is no pain, no sickness, everyone is beautiful all the time, everyone is happy all the time? There is always enough.

But what I have found about being spiritual, the teachers are saying; "I Am God" [Marie Diamond] "I Am the I Am" [Depak Chopra]. Both of those options in my mind and my Christian understanding are reserved for God and Jesus who are actually one in the same.

I was always taught it would be blasphemous to believe I am God or Jesus - I am to be like them but I am not them. But if I embody God & Christ???? Do you see what and where my question is?

I am studying Feng Shui with Marie Diamond, a world-renowned Feng Shui Master, and our recent exercise was to walk into our house like we are God. I had to stop. There was a block for me – I am not God and I should not act like God. This is what went through my mind, but I am in her study and I didn't want to judge her or the material even though I have a religious problem with this exercise. This is what I chose to do instead, walk into my house with God by my side. The tactic worked amazingly well. My back entry looks and feels so much better. Totally changed the energy in that space. Energy is everything.

But I also pray each day that I am worthy for Jesus to show his face through me. That is embodiment. I want to be more like Jesus each day and He is God.

I guess my question is, where is the line? Where do I stop trying to be God? Are we given a line that we dare not cross, an "ascension glass ceiling," is this what I am feeling? Is this what they mean by "waking up?" Raising my vibration and frequency so I can become a more conscious being. Is that what ascension is? Coming closer to God to be with Him. In His energy field? The Christ Consciousness or The God Consciousness; Pure Love.

I hear a lot of words lately that I don't understand so I chase them. I chase them as far as I can until I understand them, or I run out of people to ask or information to read. Then I surrender and allow what I cannot see or comprehend work through my faith to allow me to understand.

I believe this is how God works in my life. He gives me a curiosity about what He wants me to learn next and is to be used to help people. I surrender and follow my intuition. I have learned volumes of very interesting information using this surrendered process.

What do you think? I am curious . . .

My name is Terri Awesome Miller. I would hope that you will come with me and explore through the lens of curiosity. I heard someone say during a podcast I was listening to; Curiosity is the Cure for Judgment. I believe this to be true and living in curiosity has taken me around the world twice, introduced me to amazing people and convinced me to go on some wild adventures.

I am launching my new movement called the Happy Human Initiative and I would love for you to join me. This movement is all about helping people heal at the cellular level. We will explore all things, Spirit Mind & Body. Let's have fun and create together.

Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] on Facebook – Happy Human Initiative and Instagram terriawesome85


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