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By Terri Miller
Contributing Writer 

Gig Economy – WEEK 3 - What I Learned from Driving for Instacart this Week


Last updated 5/13/2020 at 6:13pm

Sunday, as I completed my shop and headed out to my black SUV with a Publix bag boy in tow behind my full cart, I walked around to the passenger side of my SUV, pulled the door open as always and a very startled lady looked me right in the eye. It was not my SUV! The lady was simply waiting for me to cross behind her SUV and leave. Two lessons here LADIES!

1. Lock your vehicle the second you get in it. Don't wait for the automatic locks to set in before you pull out.

2. Know your vehicle. I am so happy she was not 'packing a pistol'. That day would not have ended well for me.

3. I was in La...

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