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Curtis Gibson: Life as a City Commissioner

Series: Life as a City Commissioner | Story 3

I found out that this job can be incredibly challenging. It is not part-time as some will say.

This job is tough, and it is not for everyone. You can be elected today and gone the next time around. Especially, if you are not up to putting in the work to carry out your duty to the people who elected you.

There is no one-sided view on ANYTHING - you need to have an open mind and a drive to search for the answers that you need to effectively make the best decision for the people and the city's growth.

I see a lot of officials who are self-centered and only care about the things THEY want to see with no consideration for what others think. I am human and make mistakes, just like the next man or woman, but I know I do my best to dig deep, to get information that is needed, and to be transparent.

Just as the people hold the elected officials accountable, I hold my colleagues and administration accountable for their efforts to keep it straight. I ask tough questions. I do not mind doing the work. I am approachable - I will meet with anyone, and most importantly, I CARE about the PEOPLE and my CITY.

If you look at my voting record you will know I am not a rubber stamp, nor do I just go along to get along. I am not new to standing up against those who are bullies - those who call you every name in the book but have no heart or courage to stand in the light to be exposed to their negativity.

WE THE PEOPLE – can see the light. WE can see that opportunity. WE can see a new day coming that will bring us out of the darkness we face in our cities, counties, and our country.

WE must BELIEVE, HOPE, and DREAM that a better tomorrow is coming. Thank you for reading and continue to follow and support me in this journey as a Commissioner.

Curtis Gibson was elected to Lake Wales City Commission in April 2017 and re-elected in April 2019.


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