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Lake Wales Artist Sought for Huge Project Grant

Effort Will See Scenic Highway Underpass Decorated

Beautifying Lake Wales has been a theme of multiple efforts for more than a year, and the Lake Wales Community Redevelopment Agency has now offered a new twist.

The CRA is actively seeking proposals to create a huge outdoor mural using the underpass of Scenic Highway below SR 60. The four-lane bridge offers more than 3,000 square feet of concrete "canvas" for an ambitious artist. The announcement seeks a "talented, experienced and original artist." The offer includes a payment of $10,000 to the artist chosen. which includes all expenses. "Nothing above the $10,000 will be contributed," according to the offer. The proposal must cover painting both the east and west sides of the underpass.

The invitation for proposals is artistically open-ended and no design standards are being imposed, leaving the project to the imagination of the artist, except that the subject matter should be related in some way to Lake Wales. Those interested in taking on the project are expected to submit a portfolio of their word along with a sketch of the mural idea. The offer was released along with two very different and colorful murals in other locations outside Lake Wales.

A selected Art Committee will evaluate the proposals received, and preferred ranking will be given to any artist from Lake Wales.

Submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm on February 25, and must be submitted along with the visual portfolio and a resume to [email protected].

For more information email Cheryl Baksh, CRA Specialist at [email protected] or call

863.678.4182 EXT 263.


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estevealpacas writes:

Regarding proposed overpass Painting SR 60/S.Scenic Highway. I am asking whether or not a traffic study/Count shouldn't first be undertaken,North and South bound, to determine if such an expense is reasonable and feasible if there is going to light moderate or heavier traffic ? I know that Scenic Highway is much touted but what is the reality ?What about the over pass at 60 and 27 ?