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Lake Wales Podiatrist Offers Focused Diabetes Care

Dr. Mall Cautions Patients to Take Wounds Seriously

Lake Wales area residents dealing with foot ailments due to the effects of diabetes should know that it is a serious health problem that demands treatment, according to Dr. Prerna Mall, a podiatrist who specializes in diabetic foot care along with her regular practice.

“Diabetic foot ulcers are one of the most common complications in patients who have diabetes which is not well controlled. These ulcers are usually caused by poor sugar control, underlying peripheral neuropathy, poor circulation and improper foot care.” Dr. Mall told LakeWalesNews.Net during a recent interview.

Dr. Mall described the debilitating effects of a diabetic foot ulcer, which too often leads to amputation. “There are also other complications that can occur, such as infection of the bone, permanent deformity, gangrene, and the risk of sepsis.” she said. “ A diabetic foot ulceration significantly decreases the quality of life for a patient and prompt evaluation and intervention can prevent permanent disability due to amputations.”

“Treating the diabetic foot is my passion,” she said. “We want not only to treat, but also prevent these sores,” Dr. Mall said. “Diabetic foot infections are the source of six percent of all hospital admissions due to infections.”

About 15% of all diabetic patients experience foot ulcers, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, of which Dr. Mall is a member. She also treats other problems such as heel pain, foot trauma, hammertoes, bunions, foot fungus, sports medicine, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.

As a podiatrist Dr. Mall treats issues in the foot, ankle and lower leg. She also works with the Wound Healing Center in Lake Wales, part of the AdventHealth Medical system, where she is affiliated as a physician. She works with both Lake Wales and Heart of Florida hospitals but adds “I love the Lake Wales community.”

Dr. Mall came to Lake Wales in 2016 after completing her residency at Bridgeport Hospital, part of the Yale New Haven Health system. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Nova Southeastern University before completing her doctorate at Barry University. Deciding that Florida was where she wanted to remain, she purchased the podiatry practice of Drs. David Metzendorf and Christopher Englert.

A young physician with a winning personality, Dr. Mall is becoming a well-known figure in the local Medical community.

Dr. Mall’s husband, Asim Mall, is the practice administrator. Both are blessed with two children, Blaiden, 4, and Abigail, who was born last August. The office also has three other employees who help to keep things running smoothly.

Among Dr. Mall's contribution to the community is her work as the only podiatrist in Polk County working with the We Care of Central Florida Medical team, which provides charity health care for those unable to pay. "When we save feet, we change a life," Dr. Mall said.

Dr. Mall lives in Lake Wales and is very happy she chose the area. "We love this city," she said, "and the people we see are great. I love the Southern lifestyle, the 'sirs' and 'ma'ams,' 'darlings' and 'sweethearts'. It's the state most connected with my personality," she added, smiling broadly.

Lake Wales Foot and Ankle Care can be found online at or by phoning 863-676-1710.


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