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Watering Restrictions Remain in Effect

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is sharing a friendly reminder that when it comes to irrigation systems, Polk County residents must follow certain watering schedules and restrictions.

Because of Florida's exponential growth, potable water is increasingly in short supply. There is considerable demand upon inland water resources from coastal counties.

The following rules apply to all residential and commercial properties that use irrigation systems to water their lawn and landscape, regardless of water source:

• Lawn watering is limited to a twice-per-week schedule, regardless of water source

• Watering times are midnight to 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. to midnight.

• Locations without a discernible address are areas such as rights-of-way and other common areas inside a subdivision are included in the restrictions

• Hand watering, or micro-irrigation of landscape other than actual lawn areas, are allowed at any time.

The Southwest Florida Management District set the year-round restrictions for irrigation. across west central Florida. Irrigation schedule and restrictions may vary if you live within city limits. Those who are irrigating using reclaimed water from the City of Lake Wales may be exempt from restrictions, For details contact the city Utilities Division.


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estevealpacas writes:

No idea that SWIFTMUD imposed Watering Restrictions.I am sure that it is a necessary thing .But so typical governmental screw-ups!The article references 'runaway' (my words) development as the primary instigator. Where's the mandatory environmental impact studies before approvals for such development.Polk County has been a rural agrarian county for so long that our aquifers and water tables have been in the danger zone since the 70's. So the nature of our count has changed ,dramatically ! And ,maybe residential developments and commercial areas use less water ! I don't believe that is the case !Every 'homeowner'wants a green,lush lawn,And,truth be told,we are all careless with letting the faucets run on and on....! SWIFTMUD has too much power and control over our lakes,bodies of waters,and more importantly our water tables and aquifers. I believe in regulatory oversight on them . Our water is THE MOST IMPORTANT resource !Next comes our Climate !

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