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"The Outsider" Offers Needed Laughs at the Expense of Politics

Lake Wales Little Theatre Offers the Entertaining Romp Through November 20

Lake Wales Little Theatre is offering an entertaining and timely comedic romp through the American political landscape in its production of "The Outsider," which runs through November 20.

What would you do if you were suddenly thrust into public office, and were terrified of crowds and cameras? That's the dilemma facing accidental Governor Ned Newley

While the script provides its appropriate level of laughs, it's the cast that brings the play to life, with solid performances in each character.

Newley, the nerdy former state treasurer and policy wonk, is so nervous he can barely get through his swearing-in ceremony, but help arrives unexpectedly in the appearance of political-consulting superstar Arthur Vance.

Vance, played by veteran actor Nicholas Bique, gives an exuberant performance, strutting about the stage as he spins his scenarios for making the frightened Newley a national political leader.

The straight-guy lieutenant governor and new state leader, played by newcomer Angelo Giso, is thrust into new personas by Vance, who tries to "dumb down" his character to meet the low expectations of voters.

Ian Elliott plays the governors' chief of staff, Dave Riley, who frets incessantly as the events spin around him in a political whirlwind. Left with no staff, he is forced to hire a "temp" named Lulu, played by Pat Schatz, who proves to be a vapid mis-manager of all things official.

Dorinda Morrison Garrard, another veteran actor, admirably portrays pollster Paige Caldwell, who fawns over Vance's acumen in shaping a winning campaign.

When the interview team from Channel 3, Rachel Parsons and A.C. Petersen, played by Jillian Gillis and Don Schatz, arrives on the scene, they are treated to a disastrous interview that ends up with the zany temp Lulu being thrust deep into politics.

Lake Wales Little Theatre is an intimate playhouse without an obstructed view, located at 411 North Third Street in Lake Wales, adjacent to Bok Academy North and the city gymnasium. The theatre is now in its 45th season of providing entertainment to the Lake Wales community.

The play opens Friday, November 4 for a three-weekend run. Reserved seat tickets are $20 for adults and $14 for those under age 18. They may be selected and reserved online at the Little Theatre website or by visiting the box office on Wednesday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Full-season tickets are also available. For information, please call 863-676-1266 during those hours.


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