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Video: Fire Department Warns Turkey Deep Fryers Are A Major Hazard

Safety Tips May Save Your Life and Property

The Lake Wales Fire Department and the City of Lake Wales want to alert residents to some very important tips regarding "deep frying" turkeys, a popular trend in recent years.

Watch the video for some dramatic evidence.

Among the tips:

&bull: ALWAYS USE A FRYER OUTDOORS. Keep the fryer away from flammable materials.

&bull: PLACE THE FRYER ON A LEVEL, STABEL SURFACE. If a fryer can tip or be knocked over by accident, it can cause a catastrophe.

&bull: ALWAYS THAW THE TURKEY FIRST! Frozen turkeys may explode when dropped into hot oil.

&bull: NEVER OVER-FILL THE FRYER WITH OIL! If the oil overflows when the turkey is placed in the fryer, it will burst into flame.

&bull: ALWAYS WEAR GOGGLES AND GLOVES. Protect yourself from splashing oil.

&bull: KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE FRYER! Never leave a fryer unattended, for safety's sake!


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