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Old Furniture, Mattress Clutter at Home? Free City-wide Cleanup Day is This Saturday

Crews Will Collect Trash and Junk Curbside

That old tire that always breeds mosquitos, that old sofa with the springs coming out, all the nagging trash that refuses to fit in your trash can should be gone forever this Saturday, April 25.

The City of Lake Wales will use their trash contractor to collect the old debris during a city-wide cleanup day.

The annual Curbside Cleanup is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 25. Patience is requested as workers from Republic Services collect waste and debris left behind by the hurricanes, or just accumulated during the course of the year. Construction debris is not included in the collection, however, and should be dealt with separately.

A separate "Dump Your Junk" event will take place on Saturday, April 1. Details of that opportunity can be seen on our Community Events Calendar.

Residents are encouraged to place their general junk on the street in front of their residence. Crews from Republic Services will pick up large and bulky items such as mattress/box springs, furniture, appliances and tires (without rims).

Some special concerns are important, as residents are urged to abide by certain limitations:

DO NOT place hazardous waste items, such as paint, batteries, chemicals, motor oil, antifreeze or asbestos materials.

DO NOT place construction debris, such as fences and remodeling materials.

DO NOT place food waste on the street, as that should be placed in your trash can for the regular weekly pickup..

DO NOT attempt to help the Curbside Cleanup crew.


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