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Frostproof City Council to Consider Requiring Beach Parking Permits

Board Will Conduct Public Workshop Monday

APRIL 22 - An early spring and nearly summer-like temperatures have already led to parking problems at Frostproof's Lake Clinch Beach, and the Frostproof City Council is poised to do something to attempt to correct the situation.

The agenda for a scheduled 5:00 pm public workshop on Monday, April 24 includes discussion of the possible implementation of parking permits for the Lake Clinch beach area.

The Council unanimously agreed to hold a workshop at their April 17 meeting to discuss the issue following the busy Easter holiday weekend. With summer approaching, the beachfront is crowded on any given day with weekends hosting bumper to bumper parking. It is unclear if these permits would be free or paid access. reached out to some citizens of Frostproof to attempt to measure support for the idea and got a wide variety of responses.

Victoria McClintock of Frostproof is on the fence about the permits, saying that "it would be easier to regulate the people who show up and would make it fair so everyone got a chance" to use the beach access parking. However, McClintock wonders how fair is it "for people who work all week and don't get time to go into city hall to purchase the permit."

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," was the response of local resident Curtis Avirett, who added "There's nothing wrong with the current first-come-first-served system. (If) you go to Lake Wales Lake, you don't have to pay for parking. You go to Vero Beach, you don't have to pay for parking."

Another local resident, Elaine Roland, expressed agreement with the idea of paid permits, saying "maybe if people have to pay to park down there they will take care of it and stop littering. And maybe the revenue, if the permits are paid, it will help fund the maintenance. I have no problem paying for a permit."

The workshop will be held in the Frostproof City Council Chambers on the 2nd floor at City Hall, located at 111 W. First Street..


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