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Polk HealthCare Plan May Be an Option if Medicaid Coverage Ends

End of Expanded Coverage Means Loss of Medical Services for Many

Some low-income Polk County residents may soon find themselves at a healthcare coverage crossroad due to Medicaid changes, and the Polk HealthCare Plan may be able to help those who no longer qualify for Medicaid.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19-related public health emergency, Florida has provided continuous Medicaid coverage and has not disenrolled ineligible recipients. Medicaid eligibility is again being determined through normal processing. Florida will have up to 12 months to complete Medicaid reviews.

"Florida's economy has rebounded from the pandemic better than much of the nation," said Joy Johnson, Health and Human Services Administrator for Polk County's Indigent Health Care Division. "As a result, some Polk County families have seen an increase in income and may no longer qualify for Medicaid; however, they may still need help with health coverage, and the Polk HealthCare Plan may be able to assist."

The Polk HealthCare Plan offers eligible Polk residents access to healthcare. The plan is not insurance and members do not pay annual deductibles, monthly fees, enrollment fees or submit claim forms. Members only pay small co-pays for doctor visits or filled prescriptions. The Polk HealthCare Plan partners with licensed Medical providers in the community to connect low-income Polk residents with the care they need.

"If your Medicaid coverage ends, it's definitely worth checking out the Polk HealthCare Plan," Johnson said. "Even if you don't qualify for the Polk HealthCare Plan, we may be able to provide referrals to other county-funded resources. We are here to help."

For more information on the Polk HealthCare Plan, call 863-533-1111 or visit


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