Zombies Attack High School, Can a Nerdy Student Save the Day?

High School Terrorized by "Not Your Average Zombie Apocalypse"


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LaVaughn Williamson

Nerdy Marty's hoped-for first kiss from head cheerleader Macy is interrupted when the zombies manage to break through the door in a scene from "Not Your Average Zombie Apocalypse," playing at Lake Wales Little Theatre through June 18.

A typical day at a local high school suddenly turned even weirder by an outbreak of brain-hungry zombies in the Lake Wales Little Theatre production of "Not Your Average Zombie Apocalypse."

Presented as the annual teen production of the theatre, a cast of 25 brings plenty of light-hearted entertainment. The humorous spoof of all things Zombie is filled with funny vignettes and some of the common "jock vs. nerd" themes and the awkward social interactions of teen years.

The fun begins when a plant growth experiment formula created by nerdy student Marty, played by Casey Gist, is mistaken for a beverage by star football player Brad, played by, John Gibson, leading to a desperate search for an antidote as teachers and students alike succumb.

LaVaughn Williamson

Ali Gerard, Casey Gist, Brighton Sawyer, Natalie Kahler, and Peyton Hedley discuss their dwindling options as zombies appear to have taken over their high school in the production at Lake Wales Little Theatre.

Marty and his fellow nerds are tormented by the jocks, led by Brighton Sawyer as quarterback Ronnie, and his uber-popular girlfriend, Macy, played by Ali Gerard. Peyton Hedley as Chett and Natalie Kahler as Willow portray others living on the fringe of the clique-driven high school social scene, but longing to fit in..

Once Brad begins to spread the zombie curse, it seems there's no turning back as the school is taken over by stumbling characters lusting after brains. It's left to a small group of students to hold back the apocalypse long enough for Marty to create his antidote.

The play spoofs every cliché in the long-running "zombie" craze, producing plenty of laughs in the process. The play runs Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00 through June 18. Tickets are $10 for students and $14 for adults, available at lwlt.org.


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