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Important Public Meeting Tuesday Will Help Shape City's Future

Lake Wales Envisioned Process Seeks Community Feedback on "Work in Progress"

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Lake Wales area residents concerned about future growth and development will have yet another opportunity to help shape the future of the community this Tuesday evening, July 11 at the James P. Austin Community Center.

A two-hour meeting will start at 6:00 and include "a review of updated plan concepts and initial implementation strategies," according to lead planners at Dover, Kohl & Partners. The "work-in-progress" update will give citizens a chance to add their ideas and vote on developing proposals.

Several such meetings have been part of the months-long process which was initiated with an all-day "Best Practices Symposium" on March 20 at Bok Tower Gardens.

A team of planners are addressing several aspects of growth management by including concentrations on "Complete Streets," "Traditional Neighborhood Design," and "the Big Green Network" of parks and conservation lands within the vast city utility service area.

In addition to DK&P, the planning process is being directed by Inspire Placemaking, which is focused on land use and parks planning. Other elements include transportation planning, being conducted by Kittelson & Associates, and environmental planning, the forte of Exum Associates.

The process is following a set of eight "aspirations" adopted by the city commission seeking to avoid the sort of suburban sprawl which has overrun much of central Florida. Once completed, the effort is expected to lead to the adoption of higher standards for community design.

Lake Wales News has been engaged in the process from the inception and has published numerous stories under the tag of Lake Wales Envisioned. Our recent editorial regarding the process may be viewed by clicking here.

Planners are seeking feedback from the public on the work as it is being compiled, and the work-in-progress events are being conducted to augment the "hands-on" and "open studio" events. Online presentations and seminars have also been a part of the process and may be viewed on the Envisioned website by clicking here.

The James P. Austin Community Center is located at 315 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. North, three blocks north of the City Administration Building. The public meeting will be held beginning at 6:00.


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