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City Expands Utility System to Address Growth, Improve Service

Project Will Also Eliminate Septic Tanks in Some Areas

City staff in the Lake Wales Public Works department are working on three projects that include replacing antiquated water lines, increasing water flow, and adding select neighborhoods to the city’s central sewer system, eliminating septic systems in those areas.

The enhancements are part of the Public Works Department’s master plans for water, stormwater and wastewater. The multi-year plans are designed to target expansion, stormwater quality and increase water reusability.

“We’re not having to dig up streets as we install the new flexible lines,” Chief Water Plant Operations Manager Jose Perez said. “We can run a water line from one corner of a roadway to the next block with minimal disruption to motorists.”

Another benefit to homeowners in select areas is the relocation of water meters from the back of houses to the front.

Crews are installing the new water main pipes along SR 17 between Lincoln Avenue and Mountain Lake Cutoff Road. Installations are also taking place on Belleview Drive and Santa Maria Road. More installations will take place on portions of Lakeshore Boulevard and surrounding streets including: Wildabon Avenue; Osceola Avenue; Hillside Avenue; 8th Street; 9th Street; Tower Boulevard; Highview Drive; and Tower Lane.

Old galvanized and cement water main pipes are being replaced with flexible pipes. Additionally, new service water lines are being installed up to residential and commercial property lines.

Another big project almost complete is the conversion of septic to sewer which includes the installation of various force main sewage lines down Buck Moore Road, Sunset Drive, and SR 17 near Belleview Drive in the Ridge Manor area.

“Our master plans are key to us growing responsibly,” said Public Works Director Sarah Kirkland. “The installation of the additional force main lines will transfer sewage effectively from existing and new residential properties to the city’s wastewater facility for treatment.”

Residents in the Bel Ombre off Buck Moore Road sub division and along portions of Grove Avenue near 4th Street and Hillcrest Avenue will migrate off septic systems. More conversions are scheduled to take place in the coming years.


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