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Driver Escapes Injury in Dramatic Canopy Collapse

Truck Reportedly Made Contact With Structure Before Fall

The dramatic, and very loud, collapse of a large gas station canopy at Scenic Highway and Polk Avenue Tuesday afternoon brought a quick response from emergency services, but happily no one required Medical attention.

The 3:00 pm collapse was heard by area residents, who said it made a "very loud boom" that brought them out to see what had happened. It was apparent, they said, that a tractor trailer that was driving past the structure had clipped it and destabilized it.

The canopy had served to shelter gasoline pumps in front of a long-vacant service station that has been the target of code enforcement action in the past two years. had previously published stories citing the dangerous condition of the unsightly property.

The property recently changed hands and the new owner plans to rehab the building. It was unclear if they had plans for the canopy structure.


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