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Susan Coyne, Samantha Bourke Win Week One of News Contest

Large Deluxe Pizza Awaits Winners Who Share News Stories

Winners of the first week of a 13-week contest sponsored by Lake Wales and Pizzano's Pizza and Grinderz have been have announced, and tasty awards await, ideal for that football gathering, birthday party, or other get-together.

Susan Coyne and Samantha Bourke were chosen as winners of a large pizza of their choice, enough to feed a family of four.

The winners gained entry simply by sharing a story from on their social media. To be sure that we don't overlook your sharing, it's a good idea to send the proof to the News in the form of a link or screenshot. Sharing a story includes ANY story we publish, even this one, with your friends to alert them to what's happening in our community.

The contest will continue through the end of December, so there's plenty of time to win your own deluxe pizza from Pizzano's, chosen by our food critic as the best pizza outlet in Lake Wales.

A complete set of rules to the contest can be viewed here.


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