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October 24, 1923 Highlander

"Who's Who and What's What" Featured in Special Edition

Series: This Week in History | Story 14

100 years ago the young Highlander newspaper celebrated the area with a 24-page special edition of "Who's Who and What's What" in the Lake Wales area. The edition was packed with facts about the growing community.

The Lake Wales area already boasted some 20,000 acres of citrus plantings by 1923, according to the front page of The Highlander's "Who's Who and What's What" special edition. The annual Florida citrus crop was estimated to have reached 20 million boxes of fruit, most of which was shipped fresh to northern markets by rail. Citrus was by far the major industry at that time in the Lake Wales area.

In other news, Mrs. T.L. Wetmore was credited as being one of the first residents of the new town, arriving with Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Stuart on the train. She shared the history of those "Pioneer Days" of ten years before in a story published on the front page of The Highlander.

The front page also featured a rare photograph of Park Avenue storefronts presently being considered for restoration to their original appearance.


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