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"Wish" a Tribute to Prior Disney Animated Films

This is not the best Disney movie ever. Not even close. Frozen it is not. However I enjoyed it very much. This movie seems to be a tribute to 100 years of Disney. One of the characters is 100 years old. The movie is filled with nods to other popular Disney movies.

While "Wish" might not be an instant Disney classic, it offers a charming exploration of the power of wishes, both granted and ungranted. I especially loved how the film emphasized that the journey toward your dreams can be just as important as the destination. This can be true both on an individual level and on a community level.

Another thing I liked about the movie that Disney fans will appreciate, is a delightful treasure trove of Easter eggs, from subtle winks to classic characters to cleverly hidden references to beloved movies. The obvious one was the wishing on a star business. That shows up in several previous Disney movies notably Pinocchio. At one point the main character, Asha, is dressed up like the fairy godmother from Cinderella. And just like many other Disney movies the heroine relies on talking animals.

The animation was well done, and Ariana DeBose brought incredible energy to the voice of Asha. Chris Pine, Captain Kirk 2.0, played the bad guy. The bad guy reminded me of Gaston a little bit from Beauty and the Beast.

However, the plot, while different, didn't work very well, the songs weren't very catchy, and it wasn't that funny.

Overall, "Wish" is a fun and visually captivating film that celebrates the magic of dreaming and the joy of discovery, even if it doesn't reach the soaring heights of some of Disney's greatest hits. If you're looking for a lighthearted adventure with a heartwarming message, "Wish" is definitely worth a watch.

3 out of 5 stars.

Wish is now screening at the Regal 12 Cinemas in Lake Wales.


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