January 30, 1924 Highlander


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Courtesy Lake Wales Library archives

The Lake Wales Highlander of 100 years ago reveals much about the history of our community. Each week the Lake Wales News will publish a front-page image of the former Lake Wales Highlander from 100 years earlier, tracking the growth of the community a century ago, when Florida was in the midst of a great land price boom and rapid population growth.

The January 30, 1924 issue of the Highlander was filled with significant reports, including one claiming that Polk County, with it's sparse population, had been recorded as having the highest per capita income in the nation. A second story indicated part of the reason: at 70,000 acres,Polk County had more acreage of citrus planted than the next five Florida counties combined. The surge of planting here had already generated immense wealth, and Lake Wales was the center of the activity.

Courtesy Lake Wales Library archives

Other stories related to the urgent need to beautify Lake Wales to make the growing community attractive and successful. Irwin Yarnell, developer of the community of Highland Park, was heard urging the Lake Wales Woman's Club to take the lead in beautification efforts.


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