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Despite Talented Cast, Argylle is a Disappointing Film

"Argylle" is a spy thriller that boasts a star-studded cast, including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, and Dua Lipa. Despite its impressive cast, the film falls short in various aspects.

This movie, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is based on a book series by author Elly Conway. However, the film is actually an adaptation of the fourth book in the series, which is not yet published. The first book in the series was published before the movie was released. This is very confusing.

The plot is convoluted and messy, with uninspired twists and turns that are very confusing to viewers. It was hard to understand which side the main character was on. The humor attempts to be over-the-top and quirky, but it often lands flat, feeling more out of place than genuinely funny. The action sequences, while sometimes stylish, lack the necessary weight and impact, failing to deliver the thrills expected from a spy film.

While the film struggles narratively, it does offer the saving grace of Henry Cavill's undeniable charisma. His presence adds a certain charm to the film, even if the script doesn't give him much to work with. He is always nice to look at though.

An ongoing plot point in the movie is this cat in the suitcase that is being dragged along on this adventure. I felt sorry for the cat. But as much as I love cats this element did not help the movie at all. It just seemed so stupid.

Overall, "Argylle" is a forgettable film that fails to live up to its potential. While Cavill's presence may entice some viewers, the film's shortcomings in plot, humor, and action make it a disappointment.

You can skip this. I highly doubt they will make other movies in this series.

I rate this one out of five stars.


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