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The News Recommends: Brandon Alvarado for City Commission Seat 2

An April 2 day of decision is upon Lake Wales voters, who have significant choices among candidates who offer sharp differences in their approaches to governing and attitudes toward the challenges confronting the city. All city voters are eligible to cast ballots in the non-partisan district 2 and 4 races.

In the District 2 race, Daniel Williams is facing two challengers in Brandon Alvarado and Crystal Higbee.

On a city commission that has been criticized as failing to communicate with voters, Williams has disappointed. In his one term he has compiled the poorest attendance record of any city commissioner in memory, even raising public criticism from a mayor frustrated at his repeated absences.

Williams reminded voters of that shortcoming by skipping a traditional candidate event hosted by the AAUW and GFWC, the only forum which offered voters an opportunity to ask questions directly of candidates.

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Brandon Alvarado would bring enthusiasm and energy to a lackluster city commission as it grapples with challenges that will shape the long-term future of the city. The News recommends Alvarado for Seat 2 on the Lake Wales City Commission.

Rather than leadership, Williams has taken a back seat on critical issues while injecting himself into topics unrelated to the commission's tasks. Voters are offered two alternatives.

Higbee, the new executive director of the Circle of Friends, presents herself well but lacks in-depth knowledge of the community.

Alvarado brings enthusiasm and the broadest knowledge of city issues. Born and raised here, he holds a degree in business administration from the University of South Florida. His talents have led him to roles as the drum major of the Highlander band, education director of the Lake Wales Arts Council, and president of the city's history museum.

In addition to his role as chief administrative officer for a local business, Alvarado also volunteers on the city's historic district regulatory board, library board, and a Main Street committee. Together those involvements demonstrate his interest in the city's commercial activities, arts, culture, and economic development.

In the face of an expected growth wave that may more than triple the city's population, Alvarado voices strong support for the Lake Wales Envisioned plan, a community-designed effort that offers the area's best hope of guiding new development into sustainable forms. In his public appearances he shows he is prepared for the job as he addresses complex topics with the strength of knowledge. The concerns he expresses for the future of the city are moving.

It has been many years since voters have been offered such a dynamic and energetic candidate for the commission. Lake Wales News strongly recommends Brandon Alvarado for City Commission Seat 2.


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estevealpacas writes:

I am pleased to see that LWN has changed its policy about the endorsement of candidates.Although I am familiar with the democrat(ic)leanings of the publication,as a frequent reader I have never read nor seen any deliberate or overt bias in your reportage.That is what journalism is about ! I think that your call on Gillespie and Alvarado are well stated !