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Historic Photo Reveals Evidence of "Monster" that Once Inhabited Area Lakes

Image Discovered in Archives by Local Historian

An old photograph of Crystal Lake, reportedly taken by a pioneer resident, has revealed a long-overlooked secret. Visible in the background is what appears to be a large animal, it's head and neck protruding from the water, partially obscured by palm trees in the foreground.

"The image appears to be unaltered, and further evidence that there actually was a large beast living in local waters," said Dr. Jonathan B. Normativo, saying that the image reinforces one story of the origin of the area's name, said to have followed the sighting of a large animal in the waters of nearby Lake Wailes which workers assumed was a whale. The two water bodies were once connected.

"Workmen surveying the area in the late 1800's reported that they had seen such a beast locally," Dr. Normativo said, "but their reports to authorities in Washington DC were dismissed by a supervisor that assumed the men had been drinking moonshine and hallucinated the beast. It's very likely that it is now extinct," he added.

"It's surprising that no one had noticed the animal hiding among the trees there in that photo," said local historian Alan Bosh, who uncovered the photo during his research.

Dr. Normativo is professor of parabiology at the University of Bollockston in Scotland. Dr. Normative has made a study of such elusive wildlife after having personally viewed the legendary "Nessie," a similar, though perhaps larger, beast that is reported to inhabit a large loch, or lake, in Scotland. He encouraged readers to visit his personal website to learn more about the probable origins of the monster.

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