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Movie Review: A Look at "The Bikeriders" -Revving Up or Running on Empty?

I recently saw this movie as part of Regal Cinema's movie mystery night. This movie is directed by Jeff Nichols and stars Austin Butler, aka Elvis, Jodie Comer, Michael Shannon and Tom Hardy. Everybody delivers strong performances in this movie.

Focus Features

This fictionalized movie is based on a book about a real motorcycle gang, and delves into the fringe subculture of the 1960's.

This is a fictionalized story of real events about an author who wrote a book about a very real motorcycle gang. The lead character, Kathy, is based on that author.

This plot revolves around the 1960s subculture of bike riders, and a specific motorcycle gang in the Midwest. This is not a culture that I am interested in or attracted to, or at least that's what I was feeling for most of the movie until I saw Norman Reedus show up. I loved him as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, where he was almost unrecognizable. He was so ugly but I love him anyway. He was perfect for his quick cameo part.

The person writing a book on this topic interviews a wife of one of the members. She becomes the narrator of the story. We see how the group is started, how it grows and what it turns into. In some ways this movie is really just a 'guys getting together and doing dumb stuff' movie.

"The Bikeriders" isn't just about motorcycles and bar brawls though. It delves into themes of loyalty, brotherhood, and the allure – and dangers – of a fringe lifestyle. While the film might not resonate with everyone (especially those unfamiliar with motorcycle culture), the exploration of group dynamics and the toll it takes on individuals is undeniably compelling.

This movie was okay. I would have liked more screen time with Austin Butler's character. He's an important character but he doesn't speak a whole lot. As I say I'm not a real big fan of motorcycle things, but the action was compelling. The motorcycles were cool and it does tug at the heart strings especially at the end.

If you're into motorcycles, definitely go see this movie. It opened this past weekend at the Regal Cinemas 12 at the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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