Mahalak Supports American Heart Association

Life is Why We Give Campaign in May


Last updated 5/8/2019 at 3:23pm

Mahalak Auto Group is proud to partner with the American Heart Association during "stroke month" to raise awareness for better health and provide educational information on preventing heart disease.

In May, Mahalak Auto Group is urging all Americans to support healthy living and the work of the American Heart Association by donating at the point of sale. The campaign will allow consumers to think about their reasons to live longer, healthier lives and to give in honor of those reasons. Too long, heart disease and stroke have stolen our precious moments. In May, we fight back together and affirm that we're more powerful than these diseases... because everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life... and that reason is why we give.

To improve the health of Americans, the American Heart Association is in your community every day - educating, making change, providing resources, funding research. Until the world is free of heart disease and stroke, we'll be here working to make a healthier life possible for everyone.

During the campaign, the Mahalak Auto Group will make a donation to the American Heart Association on behalf of each store.

In the Sales Department for each new or used car sold MAG will donate $15 to AHA. The Customer will receive a "Heart" for them to write their name or message and will be displayed in the showroom floor recognizing their participation.

In the Service Department for every tire sold to a customer, MAG will donate $5 per tire on the customer's behalf. The Customer will receive a "Heart" for them to write their name or message and will be displayed in the Service Department area recognizing their participation.

For each customer who personally donates any amount at the point of sale of a New/Used car or service transaction the customer will receive a "Heart Sticker" to proudly show their support and an AHA bookmarker providing heart disease prevention tips and a link to AHA website for a FREE Health Check.

Every MAG team member will try to make a difference by engaging our customers and encouraging their support and participation. Our team is dedicated to bringing awareness and providing educational resources to fight against heart disease, stroke and promote better health.


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