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Letter to the Editor: Rhonda Wright

Dear Editor,

As a Medical professional, I can vouch that the priority for all of us in the field is the quality, accessibility, and affordability of the care available to our patients.

In Florida, all that is being threatened by a wave of meritless and expensive Medical malpractice lawsuits. Right now, there are ill-intentioned lawyers across the state that file vague and unclear claims in an attempt use our state’s loose malpractice standards to win overblown legal fees in court or through settlements.

All these lawsuits make practicing medicine more expensive, which sadly means receiving care gets more expensive as well. Beyond that, it makes Florida an unwelcoming place for doctors to establish a practice, meaning that quality care isn’t just more expensive – it is harder to find at all. Florida is in desperate need of reforms that can fix the Medical malpractice lawsuits that risk hurting doctors and patients alike.

Rhonda Wright

Healthcare Professional

4244 Dinner Lake Street

Lake Wales, Fl 33859


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