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Opiod Epidemic Claims Half Million Lives in Past Decade

With 2020 beginning we have come to the end of a decade where nearly half a million people have lost their lives to overdose.

The opioid epidemic started in 2010 with pain killer dependence rising and doctor shopping being the newest thing to do. Now heroin is on the rise with the newest deadly killer fentanyl.

The solution the government has come up with is to put people on the MAT program. MAT stands for medication assisted therapy. This puts people on a medication that the individual will get stuck on and has worse side effects and withdrawals then the street drugs. That is not being clean and sober, that is just a crutch. They also court order addicts and alcoholics to a 28-day program that does not get to the root issues of why the individual needs drugs and alcohol. They sit around in group therapy talking about their past. There is never really a solution put in place to get out of it and leave the past in the past!

The long term treatments that assist a person to move past their addiction and old behaviors are the solution. The epidemic is getting worse and worse as time goes on. Reach out for the correct help to get out of that cycle for good.

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