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IT Manager Sunderland Named 2019 City Employee of the Year

Kevin Sunderland says he was pleasantly surprised to be named City of Lake Wales 2019 Employee of the Year.

As manager of information technology he does much of his work behind the scenes and behind his computer screen.

In announcing his selection city Library Director Tina Peak pointed out that Sunderland's job effects the work of all city employees every day.

"I enjoy trying to help everybody out," said Sunderland, who was hired six years ago as network administrator and recently promoted to IT manager. Sunderland was quick to praise his IT teammates, Daniel Gonzalez and Johnny Ramirez, who he said handle many tasks to free him up for larger projects.

"Their duties enable all of us to do our job, and in a way, we probably all take this for granted until something goes wrong," Peak said.

Peak credited Sutherland with saving the library thousands of dollars by helping her navigate federal funding for a necessary purchase. She also said IT was a vital component in the transition of the city's flexnet meter reading system to a cloud based solution.

Peak said even when he has bad news, interacting with Sutherland is a pleasure: "They are professional, thorough, knowledgeable, honest, sympathetic, organized and diligent in their day to day work life."


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