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I Love My House - Deed Recording During the Shut Down

Buying a house is an exciting time! There's the thrill of it, and also the "to do" list that seems longer than the lot line. Even on a normal day, buying a house is a big deal.

But during a global pandemic, no day is normal. A key concern you may have is you be able to record the proof of your new home ownership - - being able to get the deed recorded. I have been doing real estate law in Florida for nearly 30 years. There have been times when things were slow, due to economic anomalies or world events. But myself and my law firm at Rignanese& Associates law, have never experienced anything like this COVID-19 and its effect.

Since every aspect of 'normal' life seems not to be operating like it did just a few weeks ago, let me provide one Good Piece of News. YES, your deed can be recorded and your proof of ownership made public record!

Recording offices are run through the court system. Because of the virus, several have eliminated foot traffic. But no recording offices in Florida have stopped recording! You are unable to walk in to record the document; but walking in a deed in 2020 would be a rarity, even on a normal day. Now, instruments can still be recorded via mail, overnight delivery and e-recording.

No doubt, you will remember your home purchase and the date on which the deed was signed because it is such a major life event. But now, you'll also remember the extraordinary circumstances of receiving it during this challenging time!

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