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Sea Eye Custom Picture Framing Open for Business

Sea Eye Custom Picture Framing is a Lake Wales' best kept secret at the moment.

Located within the Park Avenue Executive Suites at 244 East Park Ave., it is not well known except to a handful of friends and satisfied customers, as well as frequent patrons of the adjacent Melange Antiques and Art Gallery at 250 East Park Avenue. The two businesses have been functionally symbiotic until the Covid outbreak, which caused Melange to close until the lockdown is lifted.

The unique thing about Sea Eye is that they make their own molding, which reduces the cost to the customer.

This business is resilient, and owner and proprietor Robert Bullock is determined to frame whatever the customer desires at reasonable and affordable prices. While others are waiting for the lockdown to end, Sea Eye is open now to meet customers' needs.

Bullock has this to say, "Just call me. Tell me what you want. Chances are, I can figure out a way to make it happen...and at great prices too!"

Bullock got started in the business as the founder and director of a non-profit organization for self-taught artists. Before opening the business, he had 20 years' experience finding ways to get things framed as inexpensively as possible, as most of the artists represented by the non-profit came from low income backgrounds and were often disabled.

Bit by bit, Bullock secured enough equipment to do all the work himself, and found that the right frame could make or break any piece of art. The name, in fact, comes from the non-profit, which was called the Coalition Ingenu Self-Taught Artist's Collective. The framing spinoff of the non-profit was shortened to "CI Framing" (for Coalition Ingenu) which then became "Sea Eye" Custom Picture Framing, when opening in Lake Wales in January 2020.

Hours are limited, so please call before you come in...but if you need something framed, even now, during this crazy and justifiably cautious time, Sea Eye can help you. (RB will be the one wearing his gloves and mask, for your protection.)

Sea Eye Custom Picture Framing: Where framing is part of the art!

Please contact Robert Bullock at 863-288-1436.


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