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Curtis Gibson: Life as a City Commissioner

Tough Decisions

Series: Life as a City Commissioner | Story 2

We are elected to make tough decisions for the citizens of our community and the betterment of our city.

I have always been a stand alone official, where I do not have anyone controlling me on the way I vote. I like to say I speak to everyone in our community and beyond to help me make the best decision.

In this position you will not make everyone happy, but you must ultimately feel good about the decision you made because people will hold you accountable for your vote.

The good thing about the way I vote is I can back up my reason for my yes's or no's.

I was elected in April 2017 and I have learned over the years that you can not take anything personal when people who you sit on the commission with disagree with you, and you feel like there is push back against you.

I love the word "compromising." At the end of the day, we may not agree but we can meet down the middle on issues and that is okay!

I am still learning this journey as a Commissioner and love every moment. Someday, I might like to go higher to help my city and state out, because I like to consider myself a hard worker for the people. I am very approachable, and a lot of people can attest to that statement.

I will continually write segments about my life as a city commissioner. I have hopes to be able to write a book someday.


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