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A Christmas Tree That Will Live For Hundreds of Years? It's Available

Lake Wales Heritage Offers Unique Holiday Tree Idea

As the price of fresh cut Christmas trees rises due to a national shortage, perhaps it's time to consider a different kind of Christmas tree.

"Instead of buying a cut Christmas tree that you will throw away in January, why not spend that same $50 and buy a Southern Live Oak that will live for hundreds of years?"

That's the question posed by Lake Wales Heritage, the local not-for-profit working to plant the thousands of street trees called for in the 1930 Lake Wales streetscape plans created by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.

"We plan to plant many more Southern Live Oaks along city streets in keeping with Olmsted's original design," said Heritage Director Karyn Thompson. "This gives folks a way to spend a bit on a tree that will be here for future generations, instead of in a landfill in January."

Trees purchased under the program will be planted to replace those missing on Polk Avenue, Central Avenue, and 4th Street, among other locations.

The trees are available from the Lake Wales Heritage website and come with an email notice to a gift recipient. They may also be dedicated to a cherished memory.


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