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Goldstein Withdraws From City Commission Race

Cites Family Health Issues in Comments to Lake Wales News,Net

Former City Commissioner Al Goldstein, considered by some to be the favorite in a three-way race to regain his seat, withdrew his filing hours before the City Commission approved the final ballot form in an afternoon meeting Friday. He was one of six candidates who had qualified since noon Monday for the two seats to be decided in the April 5 election.

Goldstein was frank and gracious in his comments when reached by telephone, saying that he had no hard feelings, and that he knew he had made some enemies during his service.

"I've enjoyed serving my country, my state, and my city," he said, but added "I want to start enjoying life."

Goldstein was elected in 2019 when he was left without an opponent after the incumbent failed to submit sufficient signatures to be placed on the ballot. He was upset in 2021 by a political newcomer, and then had a rare opportunity to recapture his old seat.

"I'm being baptized on Sunday, something I've avoided my whole life. It's given me a new perspective of life. Maybe it will make me a nicer person," he said, but added that "I'll never turn the other cheek."

Goldstein mentioned that he has concerns for his wife's health, and plans to spend more time with her.

The News was able to reach his expected opponent, James Loydd, who admitted that he was surprised, adding that he "entered the race to give people another choice," but said that Goldstein's decision was a wise one under the circumstances. "I think anyone should take care of family first," he said. "I understand, it makes sense, and I hope his wife is well," Loydd added.

The third qualifier for the ballot, Danny Kreuger, could not be reached for comment.


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