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Skydivers Build Massive Canopy Stacks at Lake Wales Airport

65-Way Canopy Stack Part of Ongoing "Freeze Your Buns Off Boogie"

A team of skydivers from a dozen nations cooperated to build canopy stacks of a 54 and 65 persons at Lake Wales Airport this week while descending from well above 10,000 feet. The 65-person stack was the largest achieved since the current world record of 100 canopies was set in 2007, also at Lake Wales Airport.

The huge canopy stack, measuring almost 300 feet tall, was detected by radar from 200 miles away.

This week the "Freeze Your Buns Off Boogie" is offering acrobatic skydivers an opportunity to practice their sport during the winter months. The temperatures at high altitude are much colder than those on the ground, where Christmas morning temperatures in the Lake Wales area were near freezing or even below.

Skydivers from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Belarus, Holland, and Finland participated in creating the stack.


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