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Movies: "65" Gets a Single Star For Weak Plot, Effects

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Two survivors of a spacecraft travel through time to land on Earth 65 million years ago when there were dinosaurs just before the theoretical asteroid hits Earth that destroys the dinosaurs.

Adam Driver plays Mills, the pilot of a long range spacecraft with all of his passengers in stasis. Ariana Greenblatt plays Koa, a young girl who also survives the crash.

The film revolves around the character, Mills, and the young girl. There is a language barrier between her and Driver's character that does not serve the story well because it is difficult for them to form much of an emotional bond that the audience can invest in as they try to survive. This leaves the film, for the most part, pretty dull. This movie is Adam Driver and dinosaurs, and that is pretty much it.

I am a fan of Adam Driver. He's an excellent actor. He has been nominated for an Oscar twice, in Marriage Story and Blackkklansman. I saw those movies, and he was awesome.

Driver is known mostly for portraying Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise. He did an excellent job there as well. I will watch anything he is in, but he isn't given a whole lot to do in this movie. He pretty much just looks annoyed the whole time.

Some of the scenes with the dinosaurs are lifted almost entirely from Jurassic Park, but there are no good dinosaur moments as there are in Jurassic Park. There's no sense of wonder or desire to explore.

I give this film one star out of five. Watch this only if you really have nothing else to look at. There's certainly better stuff featuring Adam Driver.


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