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Potential Tropical System Impact Becomes More Likely for Region

System Expected to Emerge in Caribbean, Head Northward Into Gulf

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The possibility of a tropical storm or Hurricane impacting Florida and potentially threatening the Lake Wales area is increasing as models are indicating the potential development of a new system in the western Caribbean.

If the system strengthens, it would likely move near the western tip of Cuba before entering the Gulf of Mexico and approaching the west coast of Florida. The waters of both the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are far warmer than historic records, potentially providing vast amounts of energy for the rapid intensification of any system there.

The development has been anticipated for some time, as related in an article published a week ago in after certain long-range models showed the long-range development chances.

The track from the southwest coast toward the Lake Wales Ridge area is one fraught with emotion for many residents, who have seen three hurricanes take a similar path during the past 19 years, including last year's Hurricane Ian and 2004's devastating Hurricane Charley.

Lake Wales will continue to track developments in the tropics and bring readers our locally-focused analysis of potential threats. Readers are again reminded to update their Hurricane plans.

Maintaining supplies of water and canned or dried foods and emergency or solar lighting can provide essential comforts. Filling empty plastic containers to 90 percent full and placing them in empty space in freezers will help sustain frozen foods for longer periods of time in the event of power outages.


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