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By Robert Connors
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New EV "Fast Chargers" Added at Lake Wales Hospital

AdventHealth and Duke Energy Involved in Project


Last updated 9/19/2023 at 6:26pm

Robert Connors

Project Supervisor Max Maurer kept a close eye on workers installing four new EV charging stations in the parking lot of AdventHealth Lake Wales Medical Center this week. The four fast-charging stations are expected to be fully operational in coming days.

Owners of the rapidly-growing number of electric vehicles in the Lake Wales area, as well as travelers passing through the city on SR 60, will be pleased to find four new electric vehicle chargers in a handy location.

A project of AdventHealth Lake Wales Medical Center and Duke Energy EV Division, the chargers have been installed in the hospital parking lot immediately behind the Lake Wales Arts Center at 1099 SR 60 East. They are readily accessible from 11th Street.

A large crew from Duke Energy's EV Division was busy using heavy equipment to install the pair of dual charging stations on Wednesday. Duke is one of many electric utilities across the nation engaged in expanding the network of fast chargers.

According to a Duke Energy statement about Electric vehicles, "not only are they cleaner for the planet and environment, but they help save on fuel and maintenance costs."

"Today's models can drive farther on a single charge and have impressive speed and performance," Duke Energy states on their website. "Several options can go from zero to 60 mph in a few seconds."

Less maintenance has been a major factor in many companies, including Amazon, Cemex, Fedex, PepsiCo, and Verizon, to decide to switch their fleets to electric vehicles.

Robert Connors

EV fast charging stations can fully charge an electric vehicle to a 400-mile range in as little as 30 minutes using direct DC current. the units are a big draw to travelers and are increasingly being placed adjacent to restaurant dining and shopping areas as a magnet for visitors.

Other companies making the switch include AT&T, Comcast, DHL, Frito-Lay, IKEA, and Waste Management. Many are also employing electric-powered tractor-trailer rigs, or "semis."

While most EV charging is done at home or business locations, travelers seek out charging stations while on the road. Locations adjacent to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options are the most popular.

Some locations offer limited free charging as an incentive to customers. Bok Tower Gardens is among local businesses that have invested in installing chargers for the convenience of their employees, guests, and customers.

While it is likely that Advent Health intends the chargers to be useful to hospital staff, their use is not restricted. Most charging stations are aligned with a particular network, so drivers download apps to allow fast access to the charging stations.

"Best of all, prices have come down, making EVs an affordable option for nearly everyone," according to Duke.


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