Communication Builds Our Community

October 17, 1923 Highlander

As Lake Wales was going about its rapid spurt of growth between 1917 and 1927, area real estate agents gathered to create the city's first board so thasat they could exchange listing information and conduct social activities. The city and state were then in the midst of a great surge of development and land speculation. Most of the city's historic downtown masonry buildings were constructed during that time as the city's population increased 10-fold in only a decade.

Meanwhile, the Lake Wales Woman's Club was already an advanced organization, having been started following a 'thimble party" IN 1914, and was participating in an association with a number of other clubs from across Polk County.

Meanwhile, in order to spur the continued development of the area, already home to tens of thousands of acres of citrus groves, area promoters were planning a marketing campaign in New York to attract new investors.


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