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Doctor Arrested on "Probable Cause" Charge of Video Voyeurism, Concealing Evidence

Dr. Pola Gayed of Orlando Operated Physical Therapy Clinic in Lake Wales

A sharp-eyed young patient at a local physical therapy clinic spotted an active camera in an area she was using to change clothing, resulting in an investigation that led to the arrest of the doctor operating the clinic.

Dr. Plla Gayed, 38, of Crosston Circle in Orlando, operates the AVA Rehabilitation Clinic at 1342 SR 60 East in Lake Wales. An affidavit filed by the Lake Wales Police Department led to the issuance of a search warrant that produced video evidence suggesting that Dr. Gayed had knowingly concealed a Ring doorbell camera within the clinic, later transferring it into and out of a locker there before removing it from the premises.

His unidentified 16-year-old patient arrived at the Lake Wales Police Department with her parents on Wednesday, Jan. 24 to report to police that during her appointment at the clinic the previous day she had been told to remove her shirt and bra behind a curtain in the exam room before noticing a ring camera partially concealed between two boxes.

The young patient reported that Gayed had made previous requests that made her "uncomfortable," including standing at home before a camera to take a video from behind "without wearing a top, bra, or any clothing above the waist," so he could see that her "shoulders were even," according to the affidavit.

During exams and therapy she had been told to remove her top and bra and was provided with a "thin paper" top to wear, which had also made her uncomfortable.

The victim reported that she was visibly startled to see the camera in the office, and her reaction was undoubtedly noticed by the suspect.

The report was sufficient for the Lake Wales Police Department to obtain the search warrant from Judge John Flynn, which allowed the manufacturer to report the presence of three Ring cameras at the clinic address.

Ring then provided police with video from devices labeled "front door" and "back door." The back door camera then showed two "relevant videos" which showed Gayed concealing an object in his hand before hiding it in a locker, from which he later retrieved it before leaving the office. The object, similar in size, shape, and color, is presumed by police to be the third, missing Ring camera.

The third Ring camera at the address showed no data, and was taken offline three minutes before Gayed was seen storing the object in the locker.


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