February 4, 1924 Highlander Offers Glimpse Into City's History

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Courtesy Lake Wales Library archives

The Lake Wales Highlander of 100 years ago reveals much about the history of our community. Each week the Lake Wales News will publish a front-page image of the former Lake Wales Highlander from 100 years earlier, tracking the growth of the community a century ago, when Florida was in the midst of a great land price boom and rapid population growth.

Controversies including the sudden cancellation of a road bond election by the county commission and a charge that someone illegally added a letter to a bill of deed highlighted local news in early February, 1924. The Lake Wales Highlander faithfully reported on those issues and others affecting the fast-growing community of Lake Wales.

Meanwhile, the Lake Wales Woman's Club was conducting their second "Plant a Palm Day" tag sale to help beautify the city.

Courtesy Lake Wales Library archives

A heated exchange between members of the Lake Wales Woman's Club and the town's attorney included a charge by the the attorney that someone had illegally modified county land records by adding a letter to the deed on the land that contained the club's meeting room.


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