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New Business offers Quick, On-Demand Lawn Service in Lake Wales

Those who are tired of keeping up with the mowing, want to find a good permanent lawn service, or just need a break from the chores now have a great new option.

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A healthy lawn needs regular care. If yours is in need, GreenPal offers an east solution, even if it's only a single mow.

Lake Wales area homeowners now have an easy way to get a quick fill-in lawn service, or a year-around scheduled or on-demand service for all that green space, thanks to an on-demand service called "GreenPal.".

GreenPal, which has been described as "Uber for lawn care," is now offering their service in the Lake Wales area. With more than a million current customers in 48 states, the company is poised to change the way we care for our lawns.

Company co-founder Gene Caballero explained the reasons his business launched into the Lake Wales area market and spelled out the advantages of GreenPal.

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Co-founder Gene Caballero is eager to introduce his GreenPal business to the Lake Wales community, and explains that it now offers service in larger cities nationwide.

"Homeowners can list their lawn care needs with their desired service date and lawn care companies then bid on the property based on Google street and aerial images and any other details the homeowner provides," Caballero said. "Then homeowners select who they want to work with based on the vendor's ratings, reviews, and price."

Caballero explained that GreenPal's technology allows vendors to bid on lawns without having to visit the property and talk face-to-face with the homeowner.

Although historically the lawn-care industry has been a cash business, GreenPal eliminates the need to meet for payment and is a true "cashless" transaction. Once the service provider has completed the job, they send a time-stamped photo of the completed work. Homeowners pay using the app and can set up more appointments whenever needed..

"After successfully serving 250 other markets, we are excited to help homeowners in Lake Wales find reliable, safe, and local lawn care," Caballero said.

The app has already launched in major markets around the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Tampa, and Orlando, among others.

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Keep your lawn healthy with regular light fertilization, twice-a-week watering when rain is lacking, and regular mowing and trimming. ,

To learn more about GreenPal, visit the GreenPal local website.

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