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Lake Wales Little Theatre Offers Comedic Hit

"Just Another High School Play" Offers Non-Stop Chaotic, Clever Vignettes

Lovers of laughs and comedy, be it stand-up or SNL varieties, will enjoy a fun outing to Lake Wales Little Theatre to see "Just Another High School Play," which is anything but that.

LaVaughn Williamson

The irrepressible young comics who form the cast of "Just Another High School Play" enjoyed cutting up even during the cast photo shoot.

Performed by an ensemble cast of 26 talented young actors, the play is based upon the premise that their opening night has found them without a director and unprepared to perform. A box full of old un-matching scripts gives each actor an excuse for the often-hysterical chaos that follows.

In what amounts to a round of fast-moving skits, the cast delivers on a wide range of comedy styles ranging from slapstick to witty one-liners in quick succession, often mocking their own performances as they try to meld the conflicting scripts into a cohesive show. The result is a highly-entertaining mash-up.

LaVaughn Williamson

Domineering young women turn the tables on the guys, demanding that they assume the submissive roles of the "Little Women" during one skit.

Directed by Leslie Grondin with the assistance of John Gibson, the play was written by Brian Starchman.

The talented ensemble cast, many featured in several skits, include Kiera McAlpine, Layla Wallpe, Faith Schroeder, Jose Infante, Ali Gerard, Peyton Hedley, Brighton Sawyer, Hannah Windham, Casey Gist, Ruthie Kinney, Emery Kincaid, Natalie Kahler, Ariadna Acevedo, Emerson Starnes, Parker Dunagan, Ivy Richart, Isabella Dadiego, Aulaura Byrd, Alexis Schlemmer, Brianna Brown, Keller O'neal, Molly Massey, Ellie Rae Scott, John Gibson, Gabby Turner, and Kiersten McLeod.

LaVaughn Williamson

William Shakespeare finally gets his opportunity to confront his rival (or possible alter-ego) Christopher Marlowe in the setting of a classic English pub during one scene in "Just Another High School Play."

A large crew, including many of the performers, helped to put the show together backstage.

The play will be offered for six performances on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30, and Sunday matinees at 2:00. Reserved seat tickets are available online by clicking here.

Production sponsors include the Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation and the George Jenkins fund within Givewell Community Foundation.

LaVaughn Williamson


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